About Us

E-Traderz Inc. is an eCommerce family-owned business. With an annual sales volume of more than 100,000 items, we're amongst one of the primary authorized Amazon vendors licensed to sell in all categories, which include automotive, baby, beauty and personal care, books, clothing, electronics, health and wellness, home & kitchen, industrial etc.

E-Traderz has been a vendor on the marketplace with exclusive rights to sell in all three North American countries; Canada, USA and Mexico since 2017 (Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.mx). In 2020, we set a goal to set up our own independent marketplace “ETraderz World Inc.” with the goal to offer better services, prices and product lines.

Bringing the Best Deals to Your Doorstep Everyday!

Our goal has always been to offer warm customer service, the best deals and fast shipping to our clients in a very personal way! The big box stores and names have lost that Mom and Pop touch businesses had. Our goal is to restore that feeling in a more advanced digital e-commerce world.